About Me: I'm Patricia Arquette, having a heart for those Who have Given so much.

Working in the Federal Bldg where induction Physicals were done, I grew acquainted with  many G.I.s (Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines) who conducted these physicals. I saw many come to the station for a while and then ship out to....Well, wherever their orders sent them.

During this time, there were, on occasion, a Green Beret that was stationed there for a while. As I enjoyed having coffee and donuts, lunches and sometimes dinners with them, I became painfully informed of some horror stories they shared with me. As young as I was, at 21 years, it deeply impressed upon me the tragedy of war. These men saw and experienced things humans should never have to witness or endure and some of these G.I.s were still boys, at 18 years old.  My  heart went out to them  and when they were re-assigned, at times to return to a foreign land of war, I wondered if they would ever return in tact. In tact? Whether it be physically and/or emotionally, many--too many-- did not return as they left, never to be the same again--whether still alive and existing or returning to their homeland in a box to rest, eternally. How many names are on the Viet Nam War Memorial? As far as I'm concerned- One too many!

What wretched my soul was how these G.I.s, brave hearts, who gave their limbs, sight, emotions and lives, were treated when they returned to what should have been an explosion of: "WELCOME HOME, HEROS"

Instead, they were scorned, spat upon and called Baby Killers which the media poisoned our minds into believing but without the entire story. If they were guilty of such, the truth, or complete truth was not given to us. But rather our soldiers, going to war for FREEDOM and especially to protect OUR shores, that war would never come to America, were left feeling disgraced, hated, shamed, rejected.  And for WHAT? A war that we never won! What America did to them has never stop being a gallish bitterness in my mouth.

Our Soliders today are dying for a cause not related to Freedom and I'm too tired and disgusted to go there.


                            OFFER TO HELPING  HEARTS

Unlike most Donation Request Sites, I am not simply asking for a handout but a helping hand. I'm offering paintings for sale in the Picture Gallery. I'm also in hopes of selling my story about some wonderfully unique pets, their zaniness and uncanny intelligence. I call the story,  "ALL CREATURES GREATLY LOVED" on KDP Amazon.

How about enjoying a cup of hot cocoa or coffee while you view my Gallery. Hope you enjoy.


         $$$$$$$$ DONATIONS WANTED $$$$$$$$  

 I would very much like to have a visitation ministry for predominately long/permanent stay Veterans. I am slightly disabled myself and can no longer hold down a job. Even trying to create this website was a chore, not being that computer literate.

I am seeking the following amount for costs of traveling to the hospital. First, I need funds for gas, traveling back and forth a few times a week. 

Being in chronic pain from two backward falls and two car accidents T-Boned, as well as suffering with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia, I have to get regular Chiropractor adjustment to keep me functioning from Migraines, Severe Vertigo, Back Spasm and Cervical Dysplasia, causing most of the disabling headaches.

 Gasoline for one year: Approx. 480 miles per mo. (5,760 yr) @ 21 MPG (274 gals) $$ not sure, at current gas prices.

Chiropractor: 10 visits $225.00 (need lest 2xs mo, = $500.00 year  

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