Picture Gallery - Patricia's Art For Donations/Sales. Painting shipped Free.

American's Forsaken. Watercolor 18"x24" on 140# acid-free paper, coated, unframed. $90.00 


Burro Valley - oil 18"x24" on Canvas Board - Unframed. $75.00 

Desert Stampede - Oil on stretched canvas- 24"x30"unframed. $150.00 

"WELCOME HOME" - 18"x24" on 140# watercolor- coated unframed. Mailed in Tube. $125.00 

RAGE- 12"X16" Done in oil on stretched canvas- wood framed $60.00 

"BOOT WALKER  " - 12"X16" On Stretched Canvas, Done in oil.  Wood Frame - $75.00

"COFFEE WITH BUDDY" 18"x 24" Watercolor on 160# acid-free 100% cotton Rag paper, Unframed $75.00



 20"x24" Oil on stretch canvas Unframed $90.00

Master Bedroom (reproduction from Andrew Wyle) 18"x14" oil, wood frame - $175.00 


Pacific Humpback. This is a reproduction from an old magazine cover. Orig Artist/title unknown. Oil, 16"x20" on 'stretched canvas. Wood Frame with inlay - $125.00

Cock N' Bull - Acrylic on 100% Rag, 19"x24"  Unframed - $50.00 (SOLD)

KoKoPelli's Pony - Oil on stretched canvas- 16"x20" Wood frame. $75.00 

"LADY OF SPAIN" - 16"x20" oil on canvas board. Frame - wood, Drk Forest green. $95.00 

"LOS SAGUAROS"  15"X30" OIL ON GALLERY-WRAP stretched canvas.  No Framed needed.$90.00

 "OUT TO PASTURE" - Oil done on 18"x24" canvas board - unframed. $75.00

"OPPORTUNITY WAITS" - 11"X14" oil on Canvas Board - Unframed. $30.00

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