PSAC (Photo-Size Art Collectibles) 4"x6" mailed in protective sleeve.

"My Vino  and Truffle" watercolor with acrylic coating - $6.00 (SOLD)

" Naked Maja"- 4"x6" watercolor acrylic coating -$6.00 (SOLD)

"Pacific Northwest Orca"  4"x6" watercolor, acrylic coating - $5.00

"Happy Feet's Best Bud"- 4"x6" watercolor, acrylic coating, mailed in protective sleeve with inside support. $6.00 (SOLD)

"KokoPelli Sun Dancers" - 5"x7" watercolor on Bristol Board. Mailed in protective sleeve with support. $10.00 (SOLD)

"OFFICE CAFFEIND" - 4"x6" watercolor on bristol board. Acrylic coating.  $5.00 

"Zebra In Repose" - 5"x7" watercolor with acrylic coating - $10.00  (SOLD)

"Coffee With Buddy" 5"x7"  watercolor  with satin Polyurethan coating  - $10.00 (SOLD) Have same painting  19"x24 on 160# cotton rag $75.00 unframed



"Cornfused" - 4"x6" watercolor. with acrylic coating $6.00 -

TUSCANY HILLS - 4"X6" Watercolor on Bristol Board. Acrylic coating $6.00  (SOLD)

-"BANAN APPEAL" 4"X6" watercolor, acrylic coating, mailed in protective sleeve$6.00  ( SOLD)

"FILL MY BILL" 4"x6" Oil on Canvas cloth. $6.00. Mailed in protective sleeve with support. $6.00 (SOLD)

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